Monday, April 28, 2008

i hate titles

I am known for saying "STRESS" for no reason normally or in any instance really. however, just because this is my unconcious response doesn't mean i live my life in a fluster always worrying. lately i have been living a life not of stress but of relaxation. it started out with spring break. i went on an adventure to california with my brother john and my best friend haley wood. i learned a valueable lesson about sunscreen and the importance of a base tan.
as many of you know i was a proud dixie college student and graduated last year with my associates of science. since i left that warm slice of heaven i have been living in one of the coldest places in the state logan, utah. a few of my family members decided to take a vacation to st george (stg). being unemployed and soon to have multiple jobs i jumped on that train to subside my nostalgic feelings. once arriving i am still having problems trying to justify leaving that town. i learned to play ticket to ride, stress, and continued on furthering my tan. it was good to see my old friends mainly britney ping-not asian, rissa, breck, teddy & the crew, elton, TK, tyler & greg, and Hector there are more that i can't remember on the spot. never the less it was a great trip.

Next i went to moab! with a last minute invite by my brothers i made my way on another adventure. in moab i got to do a lot of fun things. it started out with "the pitching of the tent" jokes. the next day we went on a the negro bill hike followed by amazing buffalo chicken and blue cheese pizza and a coloring contest. later that night we hiked to the delicate arch with the moonlight to guide us. it was beautiful. i made some new friends and was greatful that they where on the trip.

unfortunately on my next trip i had limited camera use. but i was fortunate to go to the amusement park like compond owned by the owner of Nu Skin. 4 houses, 1 gym, 4 pools, 2 water slides, 1 pirate ship, several get-away ships, over 20 bedrooms, sundecks, hot tubs, soft serve ice cream machine, slurpee machines, 2 boats and pretty much everything that you can think of. we stopped in stg and stayed the night waiting for a few things to be touched up. the whole facility was decked out in pirates of the caribean decorations. and now i feel like my tan is full force. soon to be an indian i'm sad to leave my pale days behind, but...
i don't tell you about all my vacations to make you jealous. i'll admit that i got carried away with the pictures, but i just learned so deal. i told you because believe it or not people ask me frequently "what have you been up to?" or "where you been?" so this is the easiest to answer both those questions.
the other frequently asked question is whats new... the newest thing i got is that i'm just finishing up finals this week and will be premenatly living in my sisters basement in sandy by sunday. i'm trying to aquire as many jobs as possible so if you know of any openings i'm open to suggestions. i'm applying for the UofU and will be attending there in the fall and hopefully graduating in the spring with a bachelors in communications. from there its to soon to commit. speaking of commitment i'm willing to be set up so if you know anyone, hence i said know, not just someone you see at the gym and think i would look good standing next to, let me know. till next time - whenever that may be. :+

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Has This World Come 2

I decided it was only a matter of time till the harrassment started, so why not conform, save myself the beating because after all everybodies doing it. This motto has worked for me in the past i see no reason why it would fail me now. A few disclaimers about this blog before i get the ball rolling, A) there will be frequently miss spelled words-i don't care, B) pretty much there is only a but how ridiculous is it to make rules and only stick to one? which brings me to C) i will randomly be adding my flaws so that you know i know and won't bother me with petty imperfections, oh yea and D) i hate capitlizing my "i".

Recently i have been dating alot!! i dunno what it is about men graduating and the idea of having a career without a wife that puts them into a dating frenzie?! i guess thats all probably tied into the phrase spring fever? i have a really bad case as it is, with out these bad influences, for example i had the dedication to get up at 7am this morning but since i have made it to the library i have done nothing be make a packing list for my trip, surf peoples blogs,check myspace, facebook, hotmail, and the kid next to me! also evidence- this entry. i have a paper to write that will probably take me some time-yet i keep writing!

society has this fantasy with the word NEW like it brings a scouch more happiness then used. i have recently have had a paradigm shift to find joy in something because it has already been loved once, there for i know that it has something to offer.instead of buying a new shirt and wondering what i can wear it with i would rather borrow one from a friend, or di cause i already know it has potiental. lets take a boyfriend or girlfriend scenrio, you don't go and find a girl when she is sixteen, therefore NEW at the dating scene, no you want a more seasoned candidate. funny then how change in your life is normally incoporating something "new", why then are most so resistant to change? this play on thoughts was first inspired by the brainless question, for lack of something better to say, "whats new?" as if something isn't new then things are the same, heaven for bid we aren't constantly evolving and are content. so next time you are talking to someone you haven't seen in a while think of something to say instead of possibly causing them to go into mediocre misery. well those are all my thoughts. i think i should use my current cognitive complexity as motivation to do some homework.